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6/2/2008 :

Hi, welcome to ads, recently our comaintainer ningloreth did an immense amount of work removing old entries from the community, sort of sweeping it out so that it would be ready for use. The detritus was mostly hundreds of old community advertisements, very annoying. And now, a clean palette, we could say, mostly thanks to ningloreth. Thank you, ningloreth. It took me awhile to find a good comaintainer and now there is one. Other offers need not apply or may not be included, please check your store for details (we now have a comaintainer, thank you).

That being said the community is pretty much open for business posting, and as originally intended the community will have certain purposes:

* Discussion of favorite advertisements (they can be funny).

* Discussion of irritating or annoying advertisements.

* Posting of personals or want ads, seeking, looking to get rid of, looking for exchange, etc.

* You may provide leads to other communities at LJ for all of these purposes.

* You may advertise for your LJ community *** IF *** : you are using your journal, within the LJ terms of service, as a corporate or business blog/community. Just to clarify, the LJ TOS states that this is permissable if that journal of yours provides some service or purpose between your business and your clientele besides just advertisement. Yes, if your journal meets those requirements, then you may advertise for your community here. IF YOU ADVERTISE FOR AN LIVEJOURNAL THAT ISN'T A BUSINESS LIVEJOURNAL, YOU MIGHT BE BANNED...

* ... because other than the above, this is not a community advertisement space [any longer].

* In lieu of above, I am willing to accept communities that serve the purpose of exchange-places for conducting business, for buying and selling in general, or for bartering and trade.

There may be other ideas to come up with, and I'm glad there's a comaintainer now who may have some ideas. I think this will be a really good community, here's looking forward to all of us using this community, very nice, thank you, welcome to ads.

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