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Hey, I'm new, spotted this in community_promo. Anyway, in my humble opinion, best advert on tv at the moment has a little girl getting ready for bed, and she yells, "Good night, mum!" Her mum replies, "Good night, Sarah."
She then yells, "Good night, dad!" Her dad goes, "Good night, Sarah."
Then, "Good night, grandma!" Her grandmother says, "Good night, Sarah."
(Don't worry, it gets better).
She then yells, "Good night, travelling salesman!"
Downstairs, a guy with a hat and briefcase says, "Good night, Sarah."
Next, she says, "Good night, foreign exchange students!"
There's a room full of teenagers with bottles and rock music playing loud, but they all shut up and say simultaneously, "Good night, Sarah!"
Finally, she says, "Good night, touring preacher."
There's no reply.
"Good night, touring preacher!"
The cupboard under the stairs opens, and a priest walks out and says in a Texan accent, "G'night and God bless, Sarah."
Then there's a blank screen and the words "Too many rooommates? Get a new mortgage with Lloyds."

I laugh more at this advert then at some sitcoms. Such is the sadness of my life.
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