Gabriel Arthur Petrie (eyenot) wrote in ads,
Gabriel Arthur Petrie

dumpy ad for beer

there was an ad for guinness for awhile with a scene in a bar where this tall supermodel slowly pours a pint of stout with like half an inch of 'head' on the top. and the text-freeze says like 'slow and proper' or something. and then this freckly kid who was watching her tries his own, and he just pours the whole thing out and the 'head' overflows. the text-freeze says 'premature pour'.

now i admit it's a clever gimmick, but who buys their beer based on how difficult it is to drink it?

the funny thing is that a lot of commercial gimmicks involve attempting to make the consumer feel anxious and self-concious and offering the product as a solution to their inner troubles. it's popular and it works. so while common sense tells me to find a beer that i can just pop open and chug, the commercial is telling me i'm a squinty hoser if i don't buy a heady stout. nevertheless i like malts and pilsners. i don't drink guinness, there are way better stouts out there, but i imagine their sales did climb after that commercial aired. lots of people in the bars hoping to impress one another with a dramatic re-enactment.
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