Gabriel Arthur Petrie (eyenot) wrote in ads,
Gabriel Arthur Petrie

Hello, Ads!

It has been a long time since anyone posted anything in here!

I have been enjoying the Zyrtec series of commercials. People describe their allergies and a bouncy song plays while monochrome films depict the person having fun in their own personal way. This one with the guy who's allergic to cats but marries a 'cat person' is hilarious, especially when he's playing with the cat at the end.

Revlon's new commercial for their 'Natural' line of products is interesting. The catch line is 'If I were any more natural, you would be blushing.' I find it adventurous for a product's advertisement to suggest that approaching the absence of the product ('natural beauty', i.e. without makeup) is what is being attempted by applying the product. 'Natural' makeup. And, even if the person isn't impressed with the product, they will still come away from the advertisement feeling that 'natural' is preferable -- the commercial has a good message no matter what. And while the statement suggesting the audience is bashful or embarassed about actual 'natural' beauty, there are none of the other statements that usually seem aimed to make the audience feel ugly. So there's nothing to make the audience feel tense or anxious, and the overall message even sells a lack of the product. On top of all that, selling a 'natural' beauty is probably the most successful point in cosmetics. Great ad.
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